Gerber Files Generation

This short tutorial should help you generate Gerber files in CadSoft EAGLE PCB design software. Generating good Gerber files of your PCB is the final step before you order it. Eagle uses a CAM file to create the Gerber files to have a PCB made. In this example, we explain how to generate Gerber files necessary for ordering Sunstone’s ValueProto PCB’s

Before you generate Gerber files it is necessary to check if your design is in accordance with Sunstone’s manufacturing criteria for 2 layer ValueProto™ designs. By using Sunstone’s rules during design, and running the design check-in CadSoft’s EAGLE, you can easily make any needed design changes while in the design stage, thus minimizing costly revisions. The Sunstone Design Rules file can easily be imported into CadSoft’s EAGLE tool, to set up the design rules for you. For instructions on how to import the.RUL file(s), please refer to EAGLE user documentation. You can also find details about Sunstone's design requirements in the Sunstone Release Notes.  

After your design complies with Sunstone’s manufacturing criteria, you can proceed with Gerber file generation. Sunstone requires 6 Gerber RS-274X files (one for each copper, solder mask, and legend layer as well the board outline). You can generate these files using Eagle’s CAM processor and Sunstone CAM file. The package must also include an NC Drill file and Tool Size Report in Excellon format specifying the location of all holes (only plated holes are supported in this service). For generating NC Drill file and Tool Size Report in Excellon format you should also use Eagle’s CAM processor and built-in CAM Job called EXCELLON.CAM from the CAM directory. After you generate all necessary files, you can zip them into a single archive, or upload them individually on Sunstone’s website


Sunstone Design Rules

Sunstone CAM files

Sunstone Release Notes