Smart Button

Continuous advances in sensors, semiconductors, wireless networks, mobile, and cloud computing enable the development of integrated wearable computing systems for continuous health monitoring. These systems can be used as a part of diagnostic procedures, in the optimal maintenance of chronic conditions, in the monitoring of adherence to treatment guidelines, and for supervised recovery. In this paper, we describe a wearable system called Smart Button designed to assess the mobility of the elderly. The Smart Button is easily mounted on the chest of an individual and currently quantifies the Timed-Up-and-Go and 30-Second Chair Stand tests. These two tests are routinely used to assess mobility, balance, the strength of the lower extremities, and fall risk of the elderly and people with Parkinson’s disease.

Relevant publications: [HealthCom'15a]

Time-Up-and-Go Test (TUG) & 30-Seconds Chair Stand Test (30SCS)

Application Interface and System Architecture:

TUG Parameter Extraction:


30SCS Parameter Extraction: